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About me

I enjoy combining HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and various backend technologies to create web applications with clean and maintainable code for happy clients.

Over the years I've worked with lots of companies in different sectors. These include televison, the car industy and the education sector.

When I'm not working, you'll find me climbing a hill near my home in Stirling, Scotland - whatever the weather!

It's me


Creating applications that really deliver a great user experience is tough. Technologies are constantly evolving and this can be overwhelming for clients.

Making sure that you use development techniques that allow for maintainability well into the future is key.

It's important to understand the full stack of development. This allows for a total build capability and an understanding of what's required in different parts of an application when working in a team.

The speed and ease of use of your application is paramount to rapid engagement. Working with users from the start is the only way to really understand needs.


Modern tools allow developers to spend more time on the specifics of the application rather than dealing with the mechanics of coding. I employ many of these in my day-to-day work.

Workflow isn't just about tools though. It's also about communication and people.

Having clients as the major part of the flow means that no one is left in the dark about what is happening in a project and I make it easy for clients to give me feedback and evolve projects.


Online Learning Systems
Sarah Windsor @ INSET Online

Andy has helped INSET online grow over the past 7 years. The first work we did together enabled us to attract major accounts within the field of education. Time has shown that Andy's exemplary support, attention to detail and listening skills have enabled us to retain our clients and offer exciting new services.

If you want real support and development that implements and works seamlessly - use Andy. You have to be sure that the outcomes will be positive and I can't thank Andy enough for assisting us in getting to where we are today.

Various Apps
Sarah McNamara @ Autonomy Multimedia

Andy has excellent HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL and PHP skills just to name a few. We have worked on some long-term projects over the last few years and his knowledge and expertise is second to none.

He has a flair for user interface design along with defining the best user experience and ensures that each project is delivered to the highest quality. His input/advise proved invaluable in establishing a standard throughout the products developed.

He is a real team player and a valuable member of our team.

e-Bay Warehousing Application
Richard Wellum

Andy is great to work with and we will certainly be working with him again in future. He sets clear expectations of his timelines in advance, providing a very honest and accurately broken out quote, and exceeds them, producing a very high standard of work.

On this project, Andy brought considerable front-end development expertise across a range of technologies. Most of the pages were asynchronous, using AJAX requests, to improve user experience, which is always Andy's top priority, and is very well received by our users. Highly recommended!

Aptitude Testing
Oliver Saville @ AssessmentDay

Andy has been a dream to work with - he instantly understood our project objectives and simply delivered.

He brought his wider experience to the table and even anticipated future needs we hadn't thought about. A refreshing combination of technical expertise with a can-do attitude.

Video Interview System
Geoff Newman @ Recruitment Genius


From the start I knew Andy was thorough and professional. He's worked really hard to produce a great result, on time. Andy is also really passionate about creating a great product and has been very flexible to our requirements.

I would always use his services again.

Diversity e-Learning
Adam Duncan @ Training4 Ltd

Andy has programmed e-learning modules for Training4 and supplied reliable and effective support for these modules over the past three years. He has also provided great advice and guidance at no extra cost. I have no hesitation in recommending Andy.